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What happens if I don't pay my bill?
When the new bill is issued, your landline will be automatically blocked only receiving calls, and to activate it you have to pay both bills and wait 48 working hours
What happens if I have paid my bill and the services remain blocked?
Kindly contact 1515, any social media account or contact the nearest POS to investigate the issue and solve it. You can find details on contacting us here.
What must I do to cancel my services?
You can apply for cancellation through 1515, contacting Ogero, on any of our social media accounts, or go to the nearest POS. You can find more information on cancelling subscriptions here.
May I come in and pay if I am not the subscriber?
Yes you can.
Where can I report a fault on my line?
For DSL and Landline faults you can call 1515. You can also reach us on one of our social media accounts or report a fault manually on the website over here.
What is a feasibility study?
A feasibility study is the complete study of a line in order to find out the maximum speed your line offers
Where can I send my ID?
When you request a service either physically or through the website here you will be given a number to provide the documents via whatsapp, you can also send the ID via E-mail or Fax
Why didn't I get my upgrade?
Usually upgrades happen on the first week of the month, if by the 5th day you didn't receive the upgrade Kindly check if you sent your ID on the same date of the application and from the same number you provided, Applications without IDs are automatically cancelled and if everything went well contact us on one of our social media accounts to solve the problem
How can I create a My Ogero account and register my number there?

The process of account creation and number enrollment can be done by following these steps:

1- Go to and click the button on the top right that says "My Ogero"
2- When on the log in screen, click on "Create account" and fill out the needed information. (Preferable to use an email without any special characters such as . or _, best to use a new gmail account without any special characters )
3- Go to your email account and seek out the email sent by Ogero (it may be in the junk/spam folder). Click on the link within this email and it will send you back to My Ogero.
4- Log in to your account with your email as a username and the password you chose when creating it.
5- Click on "Enroll a Number" that can be found in the top left next to "My Profile".
6- Enroll your number by putting in the landline number and the issuing date which can be found on your bills or by calling 1515 from the landline number.