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How can I apply for ADSL?
You can apply for a new DSL line by calling 1515, reaching us on social media, heading to the nearest POS, or online here.
The first month for which I have installed the internet line, do I pay for the entire volume or only for the used volume?
OGERO will only charge for used volume during the first month of installation. During the following months the charge will be according per volume, used or not used.
Do I pay for my internet usage separately, by the end of the month, or is payment done with my telephone bill?
Payment for internet subscription and usage will show on your telephone bill and will be issued every month.
Does my usage get reset by the beginning of the month?
Yes, you can check your current consumption here.
Why am I experiencing internet disconnections/slowness?
Kindly check your internal cable, if it was professionally checked without any problems and the issue persists, contact us to report a fault or you can do it manually on the website here.
I can't send emails through my Microsoft Outlook (Outlook express) when using the ADSL Connection?
Use OGERO's relay service that allows you to send email by changing Outgoing mail server (SMTP) to
How can I perform a speed test?
You can use our website to run the speed test on the following page.
How can I monitor my internet consumption?
You can check your internet consumption here on the Ogero website.
How long does it take to have my OGERO DSL service get installed?
Usually 10 to 15 working days, though this duration is tentative. For more information/ any questions you might have, you can contact us here.
Is Internet unlimited at midnight?
At the moment the service is not available, stay tuned for future announcements.
What is the VDSL?
VDSL is very fast broadband it uses your copper phone line more efficiently so you get a faster connection than ADSL broadband. Ogero will be putting any modem you might need for VDSL here as they become available.
What difference is there between basic Internet and the fiber-optic service?
Fiber optic can reach a minimum of 50 Mbps download speed and ADSL offers an average of 15 Mbps download speed. You can see the different speeds and prices of our packages here.
Must I pay the fiber-optics connection fee if I want it for my home?
Yes, you need to pay the installation fees and for the plan selected. You can find the different prices of the fiber packages here.
What documents do I need for a new internet line or an Upgrade?
A picture of your original ID sent via whatsapp/E-mail or Fax. As for the application itself, you can find more information here.
How can I upgrade my plan of DSL to a new package according to the new tariff?
You can call 1515 to ask for an upgrade, contact one of our social media accounts, apply for one on our official website here or visit the nearest Point of Service it would cost 2000LL that would added to your bill
What is the maximum download speed that I can get through my internet?
For ADSL Speed: Approximately 20 Mbps Download and 1 Mbps Upload. For VDSL: Approximately 50 Mbps download speed though it depends on the distance between the customer premises and the active cabinet, and line condition (speed decreases as distance between the active cabinets and modem is greater than 800m) and about 10 Mbps Upload. It is important to note that the VDSL speed tends to changes based on line condition and distance.

You can check the maximum speed of your line here.
How long should I wait to get my landline/dsl line fixed?
3 working days, if the problem wasn't fixed during the estimated time kindly contact one of our customer care channels (1515/Twitter/Facebook/E-mail) to solve the issue, otherwise contact us here.
How can I apply for fiber?
We are currently accepting fiber applications through the official Ogero E-mail, but only for Hamra and Ashrafieh residences. You can also try to apply online here if you are eligible. Stay tuned for future announcements.
Am I eligible for Fiber?
Request fiber feasibility and our team will get back to you with an answer concerning the matter after testing. You can do so by contacting us.
Am I eligible for VDSL?
Request a feasibility study to check if your line is eligible for VDSL. You can do so by contacting us.
What do you mean by open speed?
An open speed connection means that the speed of the connection will always operate at the current limit of the copper/fiber transmission. You can check your line's speed limit here.
What is broadband internet?
Broadband is a high-speed internet access that is always on and is faster than dial-up. It is usually transmitted through a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL).
Can I apply for LTE?
LTE is available at Harajel at the moment, Stay tuned for future announcements concerning other areas