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How can I apply for ADSL?
You can apply for a new DSL line by calling 1515, reaching us on social media, heading to the nearest POS, or online here.
The first month for which I have installed the internet line, do I pay for the entire volume or only for the used volume?
OGERO will only charge for used volume during the first month of installation. During the following months the charge will be according per volume, used or not used.
Do I pay for my internet usage separately, by the end of the month, or is payment done with my telephone bill?
Payment for internet subscription and usage will show on your telephone bill and will be issued every month.
Does my usage get reset by the beginning of the month?
Yes, you can check your current consumption here.
Why am I experiencing internet disconnections/slowness?
Kindly check your internal cable, if it was professionally checked without any problems and the issue persists, contact us to report a fault or you can do it manually on the website here.
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