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LTE-A Deployment
Browse the table below, use the search box, or switch to map view to locate your city on the deployment timeline
LTE-A 2018 - Q1 View on Map
•  Faqra
•  Kfardebian
•  Laqlouq
•  Mdoukha
•  Rafid
•  Sultan Yaacoub
LTE-A 2019 - Q2 View on Map
•  Aalma El Chaeb
•  Aboudieh
•  Akroum
•  Arida
•  Arz
•  Aynata
•  Dahr Laissine
•  Hadath El Jobbe
•  Hamat
•  Hardine
•  Kafra
•  Kawakaba-Bekaa
•  Kfar Aamay
•  Kfarhouni
•  Majdal Meouch
•  Mounjez
•  Nimrine
•  Rechmaya
•  Sahel Akkar
•  Salima
•  Wadi Khaled
The data presented above is subject to change. kindly refer back to this page for continous updates.