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International Leased Lines
Leased Lines Plans
International leased lines are the network solution to connect your premises in Lebanon to foreign branches using international private point=to-point circuits through submarine cables and satellites.
Leased Line Circuits are provided at the following speeds:
Speed One-time fee (L.L.) Monthly fee (SDR) Monthly fee (USD) Bank Guarantee LBP Need MoT Decision
256 Kbps 50,000 150 225 800,000 yes
512 Kbps 50,000 300 450 1,500,000
1,024 Kbps 50,000 600 900 3,000,000
2,048 Kbps 50,000 1,200 1,800 6,000,000
  • Monthly fees are issued on SDR (Special Drawing Rights) monetary system handled the IFM (International Monetary Fund).
  • 1 SDR = approximately 1.5 US$.
  • Service includes the national segment from the Customer Premises up to the Int’ gateway.
  • Installation fee applies first time and for any further modifications on the leased circuit.
  To use the international leased lines service, contact