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National Leased Lines
National leased lines are the network solution to build your private data netwok using dedicated point-to-point circuits to connect the branches of your company together through Ogero's data infrastructure.

Leased Line Circuits are provided at speeds running from 2Mbps to 10 Gbps.
Speed Monthly fees Installation fees
2 Mbps 120,000 LL 240,000 LL
STM-1  155 Mbps 4,185,000 LL 8,370,000 LL
STM-4  622 Mbps 14,555,000 LL 29,110,000 LL
STM-16  2,488 Mbps 44,785,000 LL 89,570,000 LL
GE 50 Mbps 1,500,000 LL 3,000,000 LL
GE 100 Mbps 3,000,000 LL 6,000,000 LL
GE 200 Mbps 5,400,000 LL 10,800,000 LL
GE 300 Mbps 8,100,000 LL 16,200,000 LL
GE 400 Mbps 10,000,000 LL 20,000,000 LL
GE 500 Mbps 12,500,000 LL 25,000,000 LL
GE 600 Mbps 14,310,000 LL 28,620,000 LL
GE 700 Mbps 15,750,000 LL 31,500,000 LL
GE 800 Mbps 16,500,000 LL 33,000,000 LL
GE 900 Mbps 17,250,000 LL 34,500,000 LL
GE 1 Gbps 18,000,000 LL 36,000,000 LL
GE 10 Gbps 157,500,000 LL 315,000,000 LL
  • VAT not included
  • The following fees apply for a 10 Mbps or less connection from a customer to an ISP point-of-presence (N = number of local loops needed for the connection):
One Time Fee Monthly Fee
125,000 * N 20,000 * N
  • Additional discount applies for the following categories of customers:
OGERO User Discount on Monthly Fee
Public sector 30%
Hospitalization 30%
Educational sector 30%
IXPs 30%
DSP's own Infrastructure 30%
DSP’s Customer 30%
ISP’s Customer N/A
  • Additional volume discounts apply on the number of connections:
  • 5 to 9 connections links at 10% Discount
  • 10 to 14 links at 15% Discount
  • 15 to 19 links at 20% Discount
  • Over 20 links at 25% Discount
For DSP’s: discounts apply on the number of connections of the DSP’s own network, and on the number of connections belonging to each of their clients’ configuration.
For ISP’s: discounts apply on the number of connections of the ISP’s own network, and on the number of connections belonging to each of their clients’ configuration.
  • Terms and Conditions:
  • Prices are multiples of 2 Mbps tariffs for speeds that are less than 50 Mbps.
  • Customer pays the difference between installation fees when upgrading the line speed.
  • Existing lines that are less than 2Mbps will be upgraded to 2 Mbps and new tariffs will apply.
  • If requested speed is between plans then the tariffs for the lower speed plan applies (example: 60Mbps - monthly fee: 1,500,000 LL / 50 Mbps x 60 – installation fee is double the monthly fee).
  • Customers using 10 Gbps or more will commit for 10 years, and will pay the remaining period fees in case of cancellation.
  • All discounts apply on monthly fees only and not on installation fees.
  • Deposit or bank guarantee is fixed by Minister’s decision: it’s three times (3x) the amount of the monthly fee for the requested speed (the bank guarantee is to be calculated BEFORE any potential discount applies)
  • Customers will apply through Ogero, who will complete customer file with requested technical feasibility and official documents, and forward their applications to the Ministry of Telecommunications to issue the appropriate decision.
To use the national leased line service, contact