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E1- PRI (Primary Rate Interface)
E1- PRI Line is a digital line of 2 Mbps that provides your business with 30 channels (64Kbps / channel) allowing faster and more flexible access to data, voice and video services.
Item Fee (L.L)
Connection Fee 2,000,000 LL
Deposit Fee 1,500,000 LL
Monthly Fee (C x 20,000) LL
Regular Usage Fee Regular Telephone Rates
  • Except for the deposit fee, all fees shown above are subject to VAT.
  • "C" = Number of Communication Channels (C= 1 to 30).
  • Usage Charges apply to each Communication Channel used for outgoing calls.
  • Cost of E1-PRI Terminal Modems is not included.
  • Subscribers need to ensure configuration of PBX or Server for E1-PRI traffic.
  • E1- PRI Line is identified by its main phone number.
  • It is possible to group several E1- PRI lines to the main phone number
Direct Dial In (Additional optional feature on the E1- PRI)

Direct Dialing In (DDI) allows your business to link a range of telephone numbers, called the DDI numbers, to the E1- PRI. Anyone calling a DDi number is directly connected to the appropriate destination inside your company through the E1- PRI.
DDI implementation has its own applicable prices depending on quantity:
DDI Groups Installation Fee Monthly Fee
For a group of 10 DDI numbers   20,000 LL 15,000 LL
For a group of 100 DDI numbers
90,000 LL 75,000 LL
For a group of 1000 DDI numbers 400,000 LL 375,000 LL

To use the E1- PRI service, contact