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Material & Work to be Delivered
Ref #DescriptionBid TypeSupplier NameDelivery Date
2019AM103-1Motorcycle 150cc and 125ccGeneral Purchase OrdersItani Motor S.A.R.L.07 Oct 2019
2019TD091-1Provide & Install 5 tons HVAC, >=17KW, precision A/C in Saida central 3rd floorGeneral Purchase OrdersICC13 Nov 2019
2019TD092-1Provide & Install Air Conditioner 55000 BTU/h, duct typeGeneral Purchase OrdersAl Baba Technical Center25 Feb 2020
2019TD085-1Test equipments (Clamp, multimeter, earth clamp, sequence phase )General Purchase OrdersChauvin Arnoux Middle East30 Jan 2020
2019TD093-1Dismantling equipment from Chaath central office from inside and on tower with transportation to dekweneh warehouseGeneral Purchase OrdersTwenty Two Characters17 Dec 2019