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Material & Work to be Delivered
Ref #DescriptionBid TypeSupplier NameDelivery Date
2018SD005-1HP ProBook 450 G5General Purshase OrdersUni Lebanon S.A.L06 Nov 2018
2018AM566-1Supply & Install Electrical Cables, Panels and cable trayGeneral Purshase OrdersFaremco International sal03 Aug 2018
2018AM509-1Boot, Gilet, Polo, ShirtGeneral Purshase OrdersS.I.S.26 Sep 2018
2018AM509-2Gilet, HatGeneral Purshase OrdersGaro Vahradian29 Aug 2018
2018AM509-3Glove, Overall, UFO trouserGeneral Purshase OrdersEM29 Aug 2018
2018AM461-2Electrical Components: cache cables, sockets etc.General Purshase OrdersCapmor S.A.L Engineering and Contracting25 Oct 2018
2018AM461-3Electrical Components: Switches, sockets etc.General Purshase OrdersElectro Antar09 Aug 2018
2018AM548-1Office furniture, Cupboards, DesksGeneral Purshase OrdersThink Design S.A.R.L.02 Oct 2018
2018AM548-2Office ChairGeneral Purshase OrdersFleifel04 Sep 2018
2018AM548-3Office ChairsGeneral Purshase OrdersInter Office11 Sep 2018
2018AM572-1Electrical Components: extensions.General Purshase OrdersCapmor S.A.L.22 Nov 2018
2018AM572-2Electrical Components: lamps.General Purshase OrdersElectro Antar06 Sep 2018
2018AM572-3Electrical Components: lamps.General Purshase OrdersFaremco International S.A.L.01 Nov 2018
2018AM572-4Electrical Components: extensions.General Purshase OrdersFaremco International S.A.L.01 Nov 2018
2018AM588-1Supply & Install furniture for contact center fun roomGeneral Purshase OrdersThink Design S.A.R.L.09 Oct 2018
2018AM607-1Supply & Install electrical barrier with electronic card reader in Bir HassanGeneral Purshase OrdersBaldaty09 Nov 2018
2018AM496-1Supply and Install Prefabricate Office unitGeneral Purshase OrdersDalal Steel Industries28 Sep 2018
2018AM617-1Ogero Logo for carsGeneral Purshase OrdersPrintech21 Jan 2019
2018AM449-1FurnitureGeneral Purshase OrdersIOC29 May 2018
2018AM627-1Electrical 4 cores cable, 3*185+95mm2 NYYGeneral Purshase OrdersLiban Cables26 Oct 2018
2018AM622-1Supply & Install Raised Floor For Saida IGW roomGeneral Purshase OrdersICAS05 Nov 2018
2018AM523-1Supply & Install OGERO Signs (panneaux)General Purshase OrdersMiddle East Media24 Dec 2018
2018AM628-1Electrical Material, extensionsGeneral Purshase OrdersCapmor SAL Engineering/Contracting28 Feb 2019
2018AM626-1Oil Filters for RenaultGeneral Purshase OrdersBassoul - Heneine SAL15 Nov 2018
2018AM615-1Furniture for director of maintenance & exploitation officeGeneral Purshase OrdersInter Office16 Nov 2018
2018AM492-1Rehabilitation of electrical works in Rachaya al wadiGeneral Purshase Ordersالمهندس منيف الخطيب14 Jan 2019
2018AM655-1Metallic safe, digital key, 70 KgGeneral Purshase OrdersShehab Security21 Jan 2019
2018AM508-1Supply & Install Textile roll store and Zibra curtainsGeneral Purshase Ordersابو راشد للبرادي 26 Jul 2018
2018AM653-1Data cablesGeneral Purshase OrdersCapmor Engineering/Contracting SAL07 Dec 2018
2018AM658-1Supply and install french PVC tarp outdoor - خيمة بلاستيك فرنسي في بئر حسنGeneral Purshase OrdersBeydoun Store24 Dec 2018
2018AM628-3Electrical Material, sockets, switches and lampsGeneral Purshase Ordersكهرباء عنتر06 Dec 2019
2018AM628-2Electrical Material, economy electronic fluorescent lampsGeneral Purshase OrdersFaremco International SAL17 Jan 2019
2018AM653-2Electrical socketsGeneral Purshase OrdersCapmor Engineering/Contracting SAL07 Dec 2018
2018AM653-3Electrical cablesGeneral Purshase OrdersLiban Cables11 Jan 2019
2018AM655-2Metallic safe, digital key, 100 KgGeneral Purshase OrdersTechtrade Business Systems28 Jan 2019
2018AM518-1Drain Cleaning Machine and video inspectionGeneral BidsTakla Trading SAL07 Dec 2018
2018AM522-1Summer clothesGeneral Purshase OrdersGaro Vahradian27 Jul 2018
2018AM570-1Medical Chair & Mobile armchairGeneral Purshase OrdersInter Office21 Aug 2018
2018CD066-1Paper bags BiodegradableGeneral Purshase OrdersSISSCO25 Dec 2018
2017CD088-1Battery 6V 1.2A for PayphoneGeneral Purshase OrdersPower Tech26 Mar 2018
2018CD023-1IVR call recording for IMSGeneral Purshase OrdersElias Rahbani Studios04 Sep 2018
2018CS022-1Training for contact centerGeneral Purshase OrdersMidware Data Systems15 Aug 2018
2018CS030-1Paper A4, Preprinted billing form, colorGeneral Purshase OrdersCrop Marks Graphic Design & Printing SARL24 Jan 2019
2018CS001-1A4 paper 80gr, preprinted billing form, colorGeneral Purshase OrdersInkript Forms SAL05 Jun 2018
2018CS014-1A4 paper 80gr, preprinting billing form, colorGeneral Purshase OrdersInkript Forms SAL03 Aug 2018
2018FD059-1Toner for HP Laserjet PRO Ref: CF226AGeneral Purshase OrdersSuper Dealer SARL21 Aug 2018
2018FD067-1Drums and Toners for Brother fax & printersGeneral Purshase OrdersElectronic Business Equipment09 Oct 2018
2018FD062-1Stationery - قرطاسيةGeneral Purshase Ordersالمكتبة العلمية02 Nov 2018
2018FD064-1Toners for OKI General Purshase OrdersProduits & Solutions05 Nov 2018
2018FD044-2Stationery - قرطاسيةGeneral Purshase OrdersMaliks Bookshop21 Sep 2018
2018FD021-1Toner for HP printersGeneral Purshase OrdersSuper Dealer sarl20 Jun 2018
2018FD008-1Drums and Toners for Brother FaxGeneral Purshase OrdersElectronic Business Equipment17 May 2018
2018FD102-1Toner for HP laserjet pro M501nGeneral Purshase OrdersSuper Dealer SARL02 Jan 2019
2018FD062-2Stationery - قرطاسيةGeneral Purshase Ordersمؤسسة زياد التجارية-زياد عاطف كالو02 Nov 2018
2018FD062-3Stationery - قرطاسيةGeneral Purshase OrdersMaliks Bookshop02 Nov 2018
2018FD062-4Stationery - قرطاسيةGeneral Purshase OrdersLibrairie Halim02 Nov 2018
2018FD110-1Paper size A3 80g, white laser cutGeneral Purshase OrdersDiapaper SAL13 Dec 2018
2018FD114-1Drums and Toners for Laser Fax BrotherGeneral Purshase OrdersElectronic Business Equipment09 Jan 2019
2018FD115-1Toner for copiers ToshibaGeneral Purshase OrdersInternational Computer & Communication23 Jan 2019
2018FD014-1Paper size: A4 & A3 80gGeneral Purshase OrdersCrop Marks Graphic Design & printing SARL17 May 2018
2018FD010-1Toners for Toshiba photocopierGeneral Purshase OrdersInternational Computer & Commu27 Jun 2018
2018FD118-1Toners for different HP laserjet printersGeneral Purshase OrdersCIS Buro SAL29 Jan 2019
2018FD023-1Toner for OKI printersGeneral Purshase OrdersProduits & Solutions Informatiques12 Jun 2018
2018FD037Toner for Printers HP, Ref: CF287A, 87AGeneral Purshase OrdersSuper Dealer S.A.R.L.10 Jul 2018
2018FD102-2Toner for HP laserjet P3015 large capacity General Purshase OrdersUni Lebanon SAL16 Jan 2019
2018FD021-2Toner for printer HPGeneral Purshase OrdersMidware Data systems16 May 2018
2018FD021-3Toner for printer HPGeneral Purshase OrdersComputer Information Systems04 Jul 2018
2018FD021-4Toner for printer HPGeneral Purshase OrdersTechnopap16 May 2018
2018FD021-5Toner for printer HPGeneral Purshase OrdersCompuserve Intl16 May 2018
2018FD118-3Toners for different HP laserjet printersGeneral Purshase OrdersSuper Dealer SARL25 Dec 2018
2018FD110-2Paper size A4 80g, white laser cutGeneral Purshase OrdersCrop Marks Graphic Design & Printing SARL20 Dec 2018
2018FD048-1Toner 307A for HP lasejet 5225rGeneral Purshase OrdersTechnopap02 Jul 2018
2018GD079-1Supply & Install HFC-227ea or FM200 fire suppressionGeneral Purshase OrdersSecurity & safety01 Jan 2019
2018GD080-1Supply & Install addressable fire alarm systemGeneral Purshase OrdersTetracom31 Dec 2018
2018GD068-1Rehabilitation of fire suppression system in ArbaniehGeneral Purshase OrdersAutomation & Controls04 Dec 2018
2018GD030-1Nokia service access switch 7210 and SFPsGeneral Purshase OrdersNokia Solutions and Networks21 Nov 2018
2018GD091Clamp multimeter, Thermo and Hygro meters, Laser range meter General Purshase OrdersCE Group10 Jan 2019
208GD090-1Copper cable test equipmentGeneral Purshase OrdersMiddle East Technical Development28 Dec 2018
2018GD039-1SFPs for Ericsson SPOGeneral Purshase OrdersSmart Vision05 Jun 2018
2018GD047-1Motorized Roller Shades and accessoriesGeneral Purshase OrdersFashion Blinds15 Aug 2018
2018HR023-1Pre printed pay slipGeneral Purshase OrdersMediaform01 Aug 2018
2017HR058-1Training CoursesGeneral Purshase OrdersTerabit telecom consulting04 Jan 2018
2018HR028-1Training Oracle PLSQL, SQLGeneral Purshase OrdersNew Horizons11 Sep 2018
2018HR020-1ID card Lanyard w. logoGeneral Purshase OrdersTwenty Two Characters 16 Jul 2018
2018IT012-1UTP Patch Cords, CAT6General Purshase OrdersAmik Online09 Oct 2018
2018IT012-2UTP Patch Cords, CAT6General Purshase OrdersBTC Network Lebanon28 Aug 2018
2018IT011-1Multi & Single mode fiber optic patch cords, duplexGeneral Purshase OrdersIndustrial Services Company06 Sep 2018
2018IT011-2Multi & Single mode fiber optic patch cords, duplexGeneral Purshase OrdersEngineering Design & Manufacture06 Sep 2018
2018IT203-1Motorola Barcode Scanner LS2208General Purshase OrdersBMB Marking Systems12 Apr 2018
2018IT032-1XFP LC modulesGeneral Purshase OrdersBTC Networks Lebanon03 Jan 2019
2017IT032-1Cisco ASR9K modules and accessoriesGeneral Purshase OrdersBMB14 Feb 2018
2017IT044-1Switches 24 & 48 PortsGeneral Purshase OrdersBMB29 Jan 2018
2017IT280-1HP ProbookGeneral Purshase OrdersUNI Lebanon SAL11 Jan 2018
2017IT281-1PC Desktop with 24 inch ScreenGeneral Purshase OrdersMidware Data Systems 31 Jan 2018
2017IT316-1Microsoft Surface BookGeneral Purshase OrdersMojitech08 Jan 2018
2018IT017-1Supply & Install Cable Tray 40cmGeneral Purshase OrdersBTC Networks Lebanon26 Sep 2018
2018IT265-1Color laser printers HP M477 and M452General Purshase OrdersMidware Data Systems25 Oct 2018
2018IT253-1Personnel Computer business line, i7, 16GB, 480G SSD with LED screen color whiteGeneral Purshase OrdersMET-CS SAL22 Nov 2018
2018IT240-1Network cards and personal computersGeneral Purshase OrdersCompulife S.A.L.03 Sep 2018
2018IT015-1SFPs transceivers for Extreme Networks SwitchesGeneral Purshase OrdersAmik Online 25 Oct 2018
2018IT015-2SFPs transceivers for Extreme Networks SwitchesGeneral Purshase OrdersSmart Vision27 Sep 2018
2018IT015-3MPO cables for Extreme Networks SwitchesGeneral Purshase OrdersBTC Networks Lebanon25 Oct 2018
2017IT053-1Extreme Networks SwitchesGeneral Purshase OrdersAMIK ONLINE09 Mar 2018
2018IT030-1Extreme Networks X870-32c and accessoriesGeneral Purshase OrdersAmik Online30 Oct 2018
2017IT036-1Cabinet/Closet 42HUGeneral Purshase OrdersIndustrial Services Company21 Feb 2018
2018IT266-1LED screen 24 inches, resolution: 1680*1050General Purshase OrdersImpact Electonics25 Dec 2018
2018IT034-1SFPs for Cisco WS-C2960X-24TS-LLGeneral Purshase OrdersSmart Vision27 Dec 2018
2018IT261-1ADManager Plus professional editionGeneral Purshase OrdersMobimind19 Oct 2018
2018IT003-1TP-Link CPE Modem RouterGeneral Purshase OrdersTop Technologies (Top Tec)13 Apr 2018
2018IT243-1Laptop Lenovo ThinkPadGeneral Purshase OrdersQuantum30 Oct 2018
2018IT243-2HP ZBOOK G3General Purshase OrdersGreen Power Technology23 Oct 2018
2018IT007-1Smart Coder for SFP transceiversGeneral Purshase OrdersSmart Vision12 Dec 2018
2018IT212-1Multi function device, Konica Minolta Bizhub C658General Purshase OrdersCopythech12 Apr 2018
2018IT002-1Supply & programming of proximity cardsGeneral Purshase OrdersGeneral Security03 May 2018
2018IT037-1Cisco A9K-24x10GE-1G-TR for ASR 9000General Purshase OrdersBMB23 Jan 2019
2018IT214-1Laptop HP Spectre X360General Purshase OrdersCompulife S.A.L.10 May 2018
2018TD129-1Laser Fax, Shredder machine General Purshase OrdersElectronic Business Equipment29 Jan 2019
2017IT321-1HP all in one 27 inchesGeneral Purshase OrdersMidware Data Systems31 May 2018
2018IT225-1Servers HP DL380, Gen 10 and 9General Purshase OrdersMidware Data Systems07 Jun 2018
2018IT216-1Multimedia d-copia 6000MF w/auto feederGeneral Purshase OrdersLadkani Office Solutions07 Jun 2018
2018IT039-1Cisco or Summit 24 & 48 ports switchesGeneral Purshase OrdersAMIK Online29 Jan 2019
2018IT204-1Data Domain DD6300General Purshase OrdersMiddle East Technology for Consultance and Service06 Jun 2018
2018IT032-2SFP RJ45 module (CAT5) and XFP LC modulesGeneral Purshase OrdersTwenty Two Characters20 Dec 2019
2018IT211-1HP Zbook G3 LaptopsGeneral Purshase OrdersComputer Information Systems11 May 2018
2018IT273-1PC Optiplex 5060, i7 , 16GB DDR4, 512 GB SSDGeneral Purshase OrdersMET-CS SAL10 Jan 2019
2018IT276-1Scanner A3, Canon scanner Image Formula DR-G1100General Purshase OrdersImage Systems (Canon)11 Dec 2018
2018IT277-1Brother Printer HL-L5000D, DOS compliant with parallel port and cableGeneral Purshase OrdersElectronic Business Equipment27 Dec 2018
2018IT023-1Zhone MXK-GPON-SFP-B+-RSSIGeneral Purshase OrdersSmart Vision09 Aug 2018
2018IT034-2SFPs for Cisco WS-C2960X-24TS-LLGeneral Purshase OrdersTwenty Two Characters03 Jan 2019
2018IT006-1Zhone MXK line card with 8 ports of GPON SFP opticsGeneral Purshase OrdersLibatel SAL23 Aug 2018
2018IT020-1Modem External, Multi-Tech MT5656ZDXGeneral Purshase OrdersEngineering Design & Manufacture21 Aug 2018
2018IT014-1ASR 9000 2-Port 100GE, interface modules & CablesGeneral Purshase OrdersBMB14 Sep 2018
2018TD129-2Digital CopiersGeneral Purshase OrdersLadkani Office Solutions26 Feb 2019
2018IT024-1100G QSFP28 SR4 and MPO to MPO cable 12 coreGeneral Purshase OrdersSmart Vision02 Aug 2018
2018IT625-1OmniPCX 4400 Dismantling, moving and assemblingGeneral Purshase OrdersMidware Data Systems08 Jun 2018
2018IT016-1ONT, Calix HW 844G-2, Giga centerGeneral Purshase OrdersBMB Marking Systems13 Aug 2018
2018IT031-1GPON ONT, indoor STD desktop style. General Purshase OrdersLibatel s.a.l.12 Sep 2018
2018ND013-1Scotch Tape, PVC black colorGeneral Purshase OrdersEMC SARL12 Jul 2018
2018ND045-1Cable&Pipe Locator and D18 sondesGeneral Purshase OrdersIntellisoft19 Sep 2018
2018ND028-1ODF 24 SC/APC, single modeGeneral Purshase OrdersMiddle East Technical Development17 Sep 2018
2018ND054-1ODF/Patch panels 24 LC & SCGeneral Purshase OrdersMiddle East Technical Development08 Jan 2019
2017ND101-1Hand Hole HH1, HH2 & HH3General Purshase OrdersBema Trading04 Jan 2018
2018ND043-1Krone LSA insertion toolGeneral Purshase OrdersEKT Electronics20 Sep 2018
2018ND014-1Duct Snake, 100m LengthGeneral Purshase OrdersBema Trading02 Jul 2018
2018ND038-1Engine water pump for sewageGeneral Purshase OrdersBema Trading14 Sep 2018
2018ND007-1Nylon warning tapeGeneral Purshase OrdersS.I.S.29 Oct 2018
2018ND024-1Umbrella 2mGeneral Purshase OrdersTwenty Two Characters19 Dec 2018
2018ND016-1Optical Power meter, Light Source and OTDRGeneral Purshase OrdersMiddle East Technical Development30 Jul 2018
2018ND034-1Connector plier to crimp UG,UR,UB,UY connectorsGeneral Purshase OrdersMiddel East Technical Development11 Dec 2018
2018ND034-2Screw Drivers Cross and Flat HeadsGeneral Purshase OrdersSedana S.A.R.L.11 Dec 2018
2018ND034-3Screw Drivers Cross and Flat HeadsGeneral Purshase OrdersBema Trading30 Oct 2018
2018ND057-1Cable Sheath CutterGeneral Purshase OrdersMiddle East Technical Development01 Jan 2019
2018ND065-1Aluminium Marking PlatesGeneral Purshase OrdersBema Trading30 Jan 2019
2018ND017-1Insertion tool universalGeneral Purshase OrdersMiddle East Technical Development13 Jun 2018
2018ND056-1Gilet, Ogero logo on front & backGeneral Purshase OrdersGaro Vahradian19 Dec 2018
2018ND031-1ADSL splitter for single pair, for LSA-PLUS 10pairsGeneral Purshase OrdersMiddle East Technical Development17 Sep 2018
2018ND065-2Earth wire for bonding grounding General Purshase OrdersMiddle East Technical Development30 Jan 2019
2018ND040-1Tellabs productsGeneral Purshase OrdersBTC Networks-Lebanon20 Nov 2018
2018ND019-1Distance & Length Measuring wheelGeneral Purshase OrdersSpace Meter SAL17 Jul 2018
2018ND037-1Punch/Insertion tool KroneGeneral Purshase OrdersTele-Projects02 Jul 2018
2018ND039-1Smart Router 8602 CoriantGeneral Purshase OrdersMeatel23 Nov 2018
2018TD095-1Multiplexers GE, 16E1 and 63E1, Fibridge and/or OptelinkGeneral Purshase OrdersLibatel S.A.L.11 Sep 2018
2018TD100-1Optical & Ethernet Multiservice tester, channel checker, GE loopback deviceGeneral Purshase OrdersMiddle East Technical Development29 Jan 2019
2018TD093-1Cleaning of computers, servers, raised floor & false ceilingGeneral Purshase OrdersEngitech22 Jan 2019
2018TD105-1Supply & Instal Air Conditioners 24k/18k/12k BTUGeneral Purshase OrdersAl Baba Technical Center07 Jan 2019
2018TD101-1Provide & Install HVAC, 5 tons, Precision A/CGeneral Purshase OrdersEngineering Solutions and Services S.A.L.12 Oct 2018
2018TD071-2Compressors General Purshase OrdersFarajallah Trading CO.09 Aug 2018
2018TD071-3Freon gas R407General Purshase OrdersEmaco09 Aug 2018
2018TD109-1اعمال فك معدات وتجهيزات - سنترال متن الاوسط ط2General Purshase OrdersTriacom31 Oct 2018
2018TD099-1Ericsson circuit boards ROJ 208 215&219/1General Purshase OrdersEricsson Lebanon Communications18 Sep 2018
2018TD072-1Supply & Install stationary battery, 2V, 2000AH@10HGeneral Purshase OrdersPower Tech Sarl18 Dec 2018
2018TD064-1Detroit Diesel 200KVA overhaulGeneral Purshase OrdersTechno Diesel06 Sep 2018
2018TD118-1Provide Generator >12.5KVA, 1 Phase with ATS & SoundproofGeneral Purshase OrdersStaunch Machinery CO (S.C.S)19 Dec 2018
2018TD104-1Provide & Install UPS 50KVA/40KWGeneral Purshase OrdersPower Tech SARL19 Dec 2018
2018TD014-1fuel filtersGeneral Purshase OrdersEdan Group26 Jul 2018
2018TD026UPS 5KVAGeneral Purshase OrdersMideast Power Systems10 Apr 2018
2018TD011-1Supply & Install heating pipes APIGeneral Purshase Ordersشركة تامر سعيد ومحمد النبهان التجارية08 Aug 2018
2018TD120-1اعمال فك ونقل تجهيزات السنترال القديم في مركز صيدا الطابق الثالثGeneral Purshase OrdersTwenty Two Characters16 Nov 2018
2018TD117-1Power engine Perkins General Purshase OrdersStaunch Machinery CO03 Dec 2018
2018TD031-1Surge arrester 1 phase and electrical cableGeneral Purshase OrdersCapmor S.A.L. Engineering/Contracting10 Aug 2018
2018TD032-2Vertex Antenna and batteryGeneral Purshase OrdersPower Group27 Apr 2018
2018FD007-1Toner for printer HP laserjet 2015/2055General Purshase OrdersCompuserve Intl26 Apr 2018
2018TD125-1Provide & Install UPS 50KVA/40KWGeneral Purshase OrdersPower Tech SARL20 Mar 2019
2018TD012-1Supply & Install Air conditioners >=18000BTU/hGeneral Purshase OrdersBrothers Electronics11 Apr 2018
2018TD017-1Head for lightning protectionGeneral Purshase OrdersEngineering Design & Manufacture10 Apr 2018
2018TD017-2Head for lightning protectionGeneral Purshase OrdersKahraba for Systems & Services01 May 2018
2018TD013-1Troubleshooting, Software corruption repairGeneral Purshase OrdersEricsson Lebanon Communications25 Apr 2018
2018TD041-1Telephone Panasonic single line and cordlessGeneral Purshase OrdersTelepower Net03 Jul 2018
2018TD045-1UPS >=5KVAGeneral Purshase OrdersMega Light Electronics26 Jun 2018
2018TD010-1Update LI system, LIMS-MD-1.5M +S-Sup-PlatinumGeneral Purshase OrdersMeatel24 May 2018
2018TD010-2Professional servicesGeneral Purshase OrdersMeatel24 May 2018
2018TD132-1Provide & Install a Rectifier output 48 to 56VDC 300A, 3ph+N, brand Delta General Purshase OrdersPower Tech SAL07 Feb 2019
2018TD008-1Thermal Camera CA1950General Purshase OrdersChauvin Arnoux Middle East12 Jun 2018
2018TD134-1Supply & Install Air Conditioners 24000/18000/48000/56000 BTU/h General Purshase OrdersAl BABA Technical Center04 Mar 2019
2018TD032-1Magnetic base & earpiece/microphoneGeneral Purshase OrdersTabbara General Company/Telecom08 Jun 2018
2018TD014-2Air, Fuel and oil filtersGeneral Purshase OrdersAmin Farhat E.S.T14 Jun 2018
2018TD014-3Oil filtersGeneral Purshase OrdersFaremco International S.A.L05 Jul 2018
2018TD014-4Air, Fuel and oil filtersGeneral Purshase OrdersTractor and Industrial Supplies SAL05 Jul 2018
2018TD014-5Air, Fuel and oil filtersGeneral Purshase OrdersSaccal Sigma02 Aug 2018
2018TD056-1Power engine perkins 30KVA, 1103A-33GGeneral Purshase OrdersSaccal Sigma01 Aug 2018
2018TD142-1ECU unit for Volvo TAD 734GE with labor chargeGeneral Purshase OrdersG. Abdelmassih & CO SAL05 Dec 2018
2018TD069-1Genset Prime power 500KVAGeneral Purshase OrdersAbdul Razzak Itani & Sons CO. Arison sarl03 Aug 2018
2018TD044-1Deutz Genset Overhaul in KobayateGeneral Purshase OrdersTechno Diesel13 Jun 2018
2018TD042-1Cash money counter and counterfeit detectorGeneral Purshase OrdersAmin Farhat EST23 Jul 2018
2018TD042-2Electronic desktop calculatorGeneral Purshase OrdersTechtrade10 Sep 2018
2018TD060-1Copier Olivetti D-Copia 6000MFGeneral Purshase OrdersLadkani Office Solutions18 Jun 2018
2018TD071-1Capacitors, Compressors and Freon gasGeneral Purshase OrdersSuper Cool09 Aug 2018
2018TD052-1Provide & Install HVAC 5 tons, >=17KWGeneral Purshase OrdersEngineering Solutions and Services10 Sep 2018
2018TD063-1Supply & Install Air conditioners >=24000BTU & >=18000BTUGeneral Purshase OrdersBrothers Electronics02 Jul 2018
2018TD066-1Sealed lead acid batteries 12V, 7 & 24 AHGeneral Purshase OrdersEngineering Design & Manufacture17 Aug 2018
2018TD050-1Supply & Install Lead acid gel batteries, 2v, 1500AH rated @ 10HGeneral Purshase OrdersPowertech SAL26 Oct 2018