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Material & Work to be Delivered
Ref #DescriptionBid TypeSupplier NameDelivery Date
2019SD011-1INSPIRON 15 5000series-5570 laptopGeneral Purchase OrdersMET CS SAL02 Apr 2019
2019OD001-1XFP 10G LR, 10km, for Ericsson SPOGeneral Purchase OrdersEricsson Lebanon04 Sep 2019
2019AM053-1Electrical cables different sizesGeneral Purchase OrdersLiban Cables13 Aug 2019
2019AM051-1Motorcycle 150ccGeneral Purchase OrdersSalah Eddine Itani EST.21 Jun 2019
2019FD032-1Toner for Olivetti D-copia 2201MF, 6000MF and 255MFGeneral Purchase OrdersLadkani Office Solutions21 Jun 2019
2019FD033-1Toners for copier Konika Minolta BizhubGeneral Purchase OrdersCopytech19 Jun 2019
2019FD010-1Toners for Canon Image Runner C1225ifGeneral Purchase OrdersImage Systems (Canon)26 Jul 2019
2019GD010-1Scanner A3, Canon scanner Image Formula DR-G1100General Purchase OrdersImage Systems (Canon)17 May 2019
2018GD082-1Nokia 7210 SAS-SX SatellitesGeneral Purchase OrdersNOKIA12 Sep 2019
2019HR010-1Pre-Printed pay slip continuous formGeneral Purchase OrdersMediaform14 Jun 2019
2018IT270-1Screens 65 & 49 inches, 24/7 +installation and warrantyGeneral Purchase OrdersMidware Data Systems01 May 2019
2019IT217-1LED Screens, >=23.5inches, VGA connectionGeneral Purchase OrdersMET-CS SAL05 Jun 2019
2018IT272-1Soft Panel Manager, (30 Connections)General Purchase OrdersMidware Data Systems02 Apr 2019
2019IT002-1SFP modules, 10/100/1000 BASE-T, CAT5 cable 100m linkGeneral Purchase OrdersAmik Online06 Aug 2019
2019IT225-1Color laser multi function, HP laserjet PRO MFP M426 series General Purchase OrdersBookstop01 Jul 2019
2019IT225-2HP laserjet color printer PRO M452dn seriesGeneral Purchase OrdersMidware Data Systems29 Jul 2019
2019IT218-1Laptop core i7, 16GB, 256GB SSD+1TB, 17.3 inches screenGeneral Purchase OrdersImpact Electronics12 Aug 2019
2018IT037-1Cisco A9K-24x10GE-1G-TR for ASR 9000General Purchase OrdersBMB23 Jan 2019
2018IT630-1Contact Center supervision software licenses, IP license and Omnipcx SPS General Purchase OrdersMidware Data Systems15 Apr 2019
2019IT203-1Printer HP Laserjet PRO M501n, or M501dnGeneral Purchase OrdersMidware Data Systems20 May 2019
2019IT204-1HP Probook 450General Purchase OrdersUltra Technology23 May 2019
2018ND069-1Kit for Heatshrinkable enclosure 10-200PGeneral Purchase OrdersTele-Projects19 Jun 2019
2018ND069-2Heat Shrinkable Enclosure 100-200PGeneral Purchase OrdersMiddle East Technical Development29 May 2019
2018ND067-1Duct Snake 300mGeneral Purchase OrdersMiddle East Tecnical Development14 May 2019
2018ND067-2Duct Snake 150mGeneral Purchase OrdersLibatel S.A.L.04 Jun 2019
2019ND021-1Anchoring clamp with teeth, medium, 3 parts and accommodate cable messenger 6 to 10mmGeneral Purchase OrdersBema Trading26 Aug 2019
2019ND006-1SID-C standard insertion toolGeneral Purchase OrdersMiddle East Technical Development 24 Jul 2019
2018ND071-1Aerial protection box 30/100 pairs without LSAGeneral Purchase OrdersUltra Technology15 Jul 2019
2018ND071-2Aerial protection box 50 pairs without LSAGeneral Purchase OrdersTele-Projects16 Jul 2019
2019ND006-2Insertion tools KroneGeneral Purchase OrdersTele-Projects16 Jul 2019
2019ND008-1Electrical cutting pliers, medium size, chrome-Vanadium steelGeneral Purchase OrdersBema Trading22 Jul 2019
2019ND008-2Metal tool box 3 sectionsGeneral Purchase OrdersTools&Building Materials CO.26 Aug 2019
2019ND008-3Telescopic adjustable ladder, Aluminum 12*12 stepsGeneral Purchase OrdersTakla Trading S.A.L.01 Jul 2019
2018ND070-1Handhole HH1, cover, frame and supportGeneral Purchase OrdersIndustrial Services Company08 Jul 2019
2018ND070-2Cover and Frame for Manhole, Cast IronGeneral Purchase OrdersFonderies Ohannes Kassardjian10 Jun 2019
2018ND073-1Plastic safety helmet with Logo on both sidesGeneral Purchase OrdersS.I.S.29 Apr 2019
2019ND001-1Super mini connector Module 25 pairs, MS2 4000-G/TRGeneral Purchase OrdersMiddle East Technical Development12 Jun 2019
2019ND003-1LSA plus connection & disconnection 10 pairs modules with LSA cabinet block/frame General Purchase OrdersTele-Projects08 Jul 2019
2019ND004-1Red PVC Cone, 75 to 80cm, weight<= 7Kg with OGERO logo General Purchase OrdersGlobal for Trading and Const.CO.LTD15 Aug 2019
2019TD029-1اعمال فك تجهيزات سنترال وملحقاته في مركز زغرتا مع نقلهم الى مستودعات الدكوانةGeneral Purchase OrdersClimat CO23 May 2019
2019TD033-1Delta rectifiers and controllersGeneral Purchase OrdersPower Tech S.A.L.04 Jun 2019
2018TD130-1Supply & Install Air Conditioners 24000BTU/h and 12000BTU/hGeneral Purchase OrdersAl BABA Technical Center17 Jun 2019
2018TD130-2Supply & Install Air Conditioners 18000BTU/hGeneral Purchase OrdersAsfahani Cooling Services25 Mar 2019
2019TD020-2Power engine Perkins 30KVAGeneral Purchase OrdersHMH Machinery EST.02 Apr 2019
2018TD100-1Optical & Ethernet Multiservice tester, channel checker, GE loopback deviceGeneral Purchase OrdersMiddle East Technical Development29 Jan 2019
2018TD128-1Inverter 5KVA 48VGeneral Purchase OrdersEngineering Design & Manufacture27 May 2019
2019TD022-2Air, Oil filters for different power generatorsGeneral Purchase OrdersAmin Farhat EST27 Jun 2019
2019TD022-3Oil filters for Volvo power generatorsGeneral Purchase OrdersTractor and Industrial Supplies SAL20 Jun 2019
2019TD035-1اعمال فك الموجودات في سنترال زحلة الطابق الثالث والطابق السفلي من سنترالات واجهزة تبريد ونقلها الى مستودعات الدكوانةGeneral Purchase Ordersمؤسسة الاسليب الحديثة14 Jun 2019
2019TD052-1Supply & Install electrical cable 185 mm NYA (100m)General Purchase OrdersPower Tech S.A.L29 May 2019
2019TD012-1Gas Freon 22General Purchase OrdersAcemco30 May 2019
2019TD012-2Compressors for different air conditioners systemsGeneral Purchase OrdersSuper Cool30 May 2019
2018TD125-1Provide & Install UPS 50KVA/40KWGeneral Purchase OrdersPower Tech SARL20 Mar 2019
2018TD132-1Provide & Install a Rectifier output 48 to 56VDC 300A, 3ph+N, brand Delta General Purchase OrdersPower Tech SAL07 Feb 2019
2018TD134-1Supply & Install Air Conditioners 24000/18000/48000/56000 BTU/h General Purchase OrdersAl BABA Technical Center04 Mar 2019
2019TD022-1Air, Fuel, Oil filters for different power generatorsGeneral Purchase OrdersIES22 Aug 2019
2019TD006-1اعمال فك تجهيزات اتصال مع فك هوائي من مركز زغرتا ونقلهم الى مستودعات الدكوانهGeneral Purchase Ordersشركة تامر سعيد ومحمد النبهان10 May 2019
2019TD018-1Supply & Install Air Conditioners 115000BTU/hGeneral Purchase OrdersAl Baba Technical Center18 Jul 2019
2019TD020-1Power engine Perkins 20KVAGeneral Purchase OrdersPower & Industrial Machinery Company26 Mar 2019
2019TD007-1Supply & Install 6V batteries 235AH and Rectifiers 600A with cableGeneral Purchase OrdersPower Tech SARL12 Mar 2019