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2019AM058Electrical Materials (box, lamps, cache cables, data cables....)General Purchase Orders08 Jul 2019 download pdf
2019AM105تركيب نظام تحكّم بالابواب في غرفة التحكم والمراقبة في مركز ميناء الحصنGeneral Purchase Orders04 Oct 2019 download pdf
2019AM121Water pumps and water boiler different kindsGeneral Purchase Orders07 Oct 2019 download pdf
2019FD180Toner for Olivetti D-Copia and for printer OKIGeneral Purchase Orders24 Oct 2019 download pdf
2019GD009Provide & Install CCTV system for different call centersGeneral Purchase Orders26 Apr 2019 download pdf
2019GD013Supply & Install CCTV system for Aley central office General Purchase Orders30 Apr 2019 download pdf
2019GD020CCTV system for Sibline central officeGeneral Purchase Orders04 Oct 2019 download pdf
2019IT240Tablet Octacore, 4GB DDR3, 64GB, 10.5", 4G-LTE, microSD, micro USBGeneral Purchase Orders22 Jul 2019 download pdf
2019IT505Signal tone generator for cables, Insertion ToolsGeneral Purchase Orders09 Aug 2019 download pdf
2019IT014Zhone GPON SFPs for line cards & Fan trays for MXK chassis 23inchesGeneral Purchase Orders09 Aug 2019 download pdf
2019IT013MXK line card with 8 ports of GPON SFP optics for ZhoneGeneral Purchase Orders09 Aug 2019 download pdf
2019ND036Nylon warning tape for underground, yellow colorGeneral Purchase Orders26 Jul 2019 download pdf
2019ND032Plastic Tie Cable and plastic screw as attached specsGeneral Purchase Orders26 Jul 2019 download pdf
2019ND040Fiber closure small, number of fiber: 4-48, cable diameter: 6-12mmGeneral Purchase Orders19 Aug 2019 download pdf
2019ND041Sub-duct pipe for fiber optic, outer diameter 28mm, thickness 2mm, supplied 300+-5mGeneral Purchase Orders27 Sep 2019 download pdf
2019ND042Fiber cleaver Fujikura CT-06 or Sumitomo FC-6RS-CGeneral Purchase Orders18 Oct 2019 download pdf
2019TD044 اعمال فك وقص خزانات مازوت حديد في مركز الميناء طرابلس ونقلها الى الدكوانةGeneral Purchase Orders08 Apr 2019 download pdf
2019TD088Starting lead acid batteries 70Ah, 100AH, 150AH, 200AH and AcidGeneral Purchase Orders10 Sep 2019 download pdf
2019TD081Compressors, Capacitors and Gas freon 22General Purchase Orders05 Sep 2019 download pdf
2019TD091Provide & Install 5 tons HVAC, >=17KW, precision A/C in Saida central 3rd floorGeneral Purchase Orders10 Sep 2019 download pdf
2019TD092Provide & Install Air Conditioner 55000 BTU/h, duct typeGeneral Purchase Orders10 Sep 2019 download pdf
2019TD094Optelink Multiplexer, GE & 16E1 to optical interface without SFP. General Purchase Orders30 Sep 2019 download pdf
2019TD085Test equipments (Clamp, multimeter, oscilloscope, earth clamp, sequence phase and power supply)General Purchase Orders04 Oct 2019 download pdf
2019TD079Supply & Install Sonneschein batteries A602/200, 4OPZV200 gel type 2V/224AH or equivalent. To dismantle old batteries and transport to DekwenehGeneral Purchase Orders14 Oct 2019 download pdf
2019TD108Supply & Install Air Conditioners 18000BTU/h in Dekweneh garage officesGeneral Purchase Orders11 Oct 2019 download pdf
2019TD095Supply & Install Batteries 12V/137AH @C10 Gel type with racks General Purchase Orders21 Oct 2019 download pdf