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Chairman of Ogero Discusses Internet Speed, New Projects in Live Video
Chairman of Ogero Discusses Internet Speed, New Projects in Live Video
Having been in his position as the new chairman of Ogero for just 8-weeks, Imad Kreidieh reached out to the public with a 40-minute live Q&A on Facebook. The session was very enlightening with Kreidieh offering candid answers to many of our concerns, giving users a chance to interact directly with him. 

Here are some highlights:

- Kreidieh emphasized the fact that this video was not a media stunt, and expressed his deep desire to be transparent about all issues and to communicate with the public about the challenges. 

- There is a major misconception about there being a “button” or “faucet” that would immediately fix all of Lebanon’s internet connectivity problems. “There is no magic, there is only hard work from a committed team” said Kreidieh. 

On what has happened in the 8-weeks since he assumed his new role:

- Under the patronage of the Prime Minister, they launched the IMS project which entails changing the outdated switchboards in the country that were installed back in 1994. This is a major move towards improving telecom and internet services. The switchboards will be replaced with digital ones. 

- In coordination with the Minister of Telecommunications, they are increasing broadband capacities.

On what’s coming next:

- Launching the “Fibre to the Cabinet” (FTTC) project which will allow the installation of an “active cabinet” every 800-meters which results in providing a minimum speed of 50 MB/s. 

- The objective is to hopefully match Dubai’s telecom capabilities.

Dates to keep in mind:

Parts of Beirut will experience new speeds from 8 AM - 8 PM on April 9, 11, and 13 which will affect 130,000 subscribers in Lebanon. This test will be repeated all over Lebanon every Sunday. 

The chairman urges everyone to send in their feedback. 

The questions and answers:

Q: “Why do we have to wait over a month to switch from a private company to an Ogero subscription?” - Imad el Hindi 

A: “This process has been cancelled and we will be speeding up the process of transferring from private providers to Ogero and the other way around. 

Q: “Open the Google cache for ISPs, you got it for free and they have the right to have it for free too.” - Ziad Kiwan

A: “Keep this name in mind - LIEBEX. It will solve the problem and we will have a structured caching system which will result in better speeds.”

Q: “What will you do concerning the catastrophic customer service and phone operators Ogero has?” Cyril Menassa

A: “Again, you are absolutely right. I tried the customer service myself and it is awful. In parallel with the technical team, we are restructuring the service team and turning it into a team that will be available 24/7.”

Q: “I am a masters graduate in computer and communications engineer and I’d like to ask if I could apply for a job at Ogero without wasta (nepotism).” - Farah Habash 

A: You can drop by my office with your CV and a picture and I will not hesitate to bring you onto the team after the proper interviews.

Q: “When will we have faster internet, a direct answer would be appreciated.” - Nadine Mazloum.

A: “Faster internet in the long run will be when we roll out the active cabinet project which will begin in the end of April. You will see the active cabinets deployed in the major streets of major cities by early fall of 2017. Bear with us, the solution is on the way.”

Q: “I live in Khaldeh and pay for a speed of 2 MB but my ISP has informed me that Ogero has only provided me with 1 MB. Why can’t I have the speed I pay for?” - Mohamad.

A: “You have the right to get what you pay for. Please email and send in your complaint so we can help you out.”

Q: “When will you implement repeaters to reach far places from centrales?” - Ziad Kiwan.

A: This is part of the IMS project, there will be an LTE advanced that will be deployed in the remote areas that will allow us to give outstanding data services to remote areas.

Q: “Can I know why you are speaking English?” - Sami Hamdan.

A: “Ma3ak 7a2.”

Q: “Kindly, can you let us know when new plans will be approved, and will be have stable internet? - Abdallah Labban.

A: “I am a simple director running a big company so approvals come from the cabinet and not me. But we are working our hardest. Lack of stability is a technical issue, we are trying to fix this and teams are working on it.” 

Q: “First: why don’t you use wireless technologies? Second can you return unlimited capacities? - Georges Chamoun.

A: “Wireless is very expensive to use and nothing beats the fibre - but very soon there is an item that will be added to our menu which is the fixed mobile. Second: unfortunately, it is not Ogero who sets the price, it is the ministry of telecom.”

Q: “What about north Bekaa and Faraya where there is no DSL at all?” - Fouad Murad.

A: “We have a temporary solution for the subscriber - an active member of our team Mr. Hadi Farhat will be calling you soon to help you out. I named him by name to show you that I mean it.”

Q: “Is there anything customers can do to make the plans happen faster and more successful?” - Omar Mohamad.

A: “Feedback, feedback, feedback. Let me know your phone number, where you live, speed test and communicate it in writing!” 

Q: “We hope for the return of unlimited data after midnight” - Ahmad 

A: I hope so, it would be my pleasure. 

Q: “Latency and lags are a huge problem, will this be improved? We need pings of 50 ms or below.” - Walid.

A: “It will come, it’s part of the package.”

Q: “We are an NGO in Badaro and we could only get one landline because we were told the box was full so our internet is limited, what can we do?” - Mohamad Najm.

A: “When we say the box is full, we mean we don’t have the capacity in the central, IMS is on the way. But we have an alternative solution, send me an email or a tweet so we can see if we can help you ASAP.”

The session was enlightening and truly put a face to Ogero, it’s wonderful to see that there are hardworking teams and people working to make Lebanon the best it can be.

You can follow the chairman on Twitter here.