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Ogero at Smartex 2019
Ogero at Smartex 2019
SmartEx is Lebanon’s most prominent leading International Technology Exhibition. With that in mind, it is unsurprising that this event contained a massive number of exhibitors from within Lebanon as well as beyond.

More impressive, however, is the sheer number of sectors involved in this exhibition. Everything from security to retail technology, to financial technology, to telecom, etc… It is no stretch to say that this event truly digs into the broad applications and innovations of modern technology in the purest sense, where all sectors are welcome to exhibit their technological applications and additions within their own fields.

The event took place under the patronage of the Ministry of Telecommunications and was powered by Ogero among many other significant supporting sponsors.

As for Ogero’s part in the exhibition itself, it served as an excellent example for the multifaceted aspect of the event. Ogero’s exhibition/booth was meant to show several types of its services:
It demonstrated the telecom aspect by showcasing wifi operating on fiber speeds (something future fiber subscribers can look forward to). 
It demonstrated the customer service aspect through the ticketing system panel where attendees can report faults to see how the process of ticketing was modernized.
It implemented the commercial aspect via the presence of both corporate sales personnel as well as point of service personnel to provide the application processes of both residential and enterprise customers.
It included new promotional elements including the distribution of free modems to new customers as well as the raffling of free Netflix accounts to kick off its news concerning the caching of Netflix online services, making online usage of Netflix (as many people do nowadays) much faster and thus more convenient. This is meant to show Ogero’s consideration for not only the total usage but also the type of usage that its customers take part in.