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Internet Access
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Internet Access

To use Internet dial-up in Lebanon you need the following:

A connection to the Fixed Telephone Network through:
  • A Regular Telephone Line
  • An ISDN Line
  A modem
  • A modem is an internal or external computer hardware device that enables dial up connection to your internet service provider ( ISP ) .
  An Internet Account with one Internet Services Provider (ISP) such as:
  • Cyberia
  • Terranet
  • New Com (FiberlinkNetworks )
  • Sodetel



The dedicated INERNET LINE is a regular phone line that is ensbled to connect to local ISP's only using dedicated 4 - digit numbers.
  You cannot make or receive phone calls with the internet line.
  The denefit of calling 4 - digit numbers of local ISP's is that you are being charged at special rates. 




Fiscal Stamp 2,000 LL
Total 2,000 LL
Monthly Charges 5,000 LL
ISP's 4-digit numbers Usage Fee  Special Rates
  • Only Regular Line subscribers can subscribe for an Internet Line.
  • When you cancel your subscription to the Regular Line, the Internet Line is automatically discontinued.


Internet Flat Rates

The Internet Line Flat Rates apply when you connect to your ISP using their designated 4-digit number(s), and that can be through your:
  • Regular Telephone Line, or
  • Internet Line, or
  • ISDN Line
  The Internet Flat Rates are related to the total number of monthly hourly usage:
Time Fee (L.L)
Less Than 1Hour Regular usage  of 49 LL /Minute
1 Hour to 15 Hours 750 LL / Hour
16 Hours to 300 Hours

500 LL / Hour for additional hours in the range

Note: The first 15 hours is charged 15*750=11250

More than 300 Hours

Previous charge for usage of up to 300 hours +

Regular rate for extra time beyond 300 hours

Note:150.000LL + regular usage for additional traffic

  • Minutes above 60 (1 hour) are rounded up to the next hour. (Example: 5 hours and 10 minutes is charged as 6 hours)
  • Fees shown above are subject to a 10% VAT.
  • The Minister of Telecommunications fixes the deposit fee.


ISP's Main 4-digit Numbers*

  ISP 4-Digit Number
IDM (NETLINK)) 1661 / 1678 / 1679
Cyberia 1650 / 1655 / 1656
Terranet 1666 / 1677 / 1688
New Com (FiberlinkNetworks) 1669 / 1670
Sodetel 1617 / 1654

  • (*) Check with your Internet Service Provider for any update.



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