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Customers who are looking for choices and for quality, customers who want a reliable network for their communications, choose OGERO, the leading telecommunications provider in Lebanon.

OGERO (Organisme de Gestion et d'Exploitation de l'ex Radio Orient) was established in 1972 to manage and operate the telegraph and submarine telecommunications of Radio Orient (the early 1900's ).  It is 100% owned by the government and acts under the supervision of the Minister of Telecommunication.

OGERO's role today includes the operations, maintenance, sales, marketing, billing and management of the Ministry of Telecommunication fixed network in Lebanon.

OGERO/MoT business is focused on national and international telephone and data services on the fixed network by providing individual and corporate tailor made services.

Global Reach

OGERO is offering its products and services on one of the very advanced telecommunications platform in the Middle East.  The fiber optics backbone is based on SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) and supports various protocols with a countrywide coverage.  Besides, OGERO installed, lately in 2001 Gigabit Ethernet network.  Moreover, the switching is 100% digital with a capacity of 1 200 000 lines and over 1 500 000 outside plant lines.  The network reaches 95% of the Lebanese territory and serves more than 650 000 subscribers.

The multiple destinations submarines and optical cables as well as satellite access allow international coverage for multi-services.

OGERO has 1,800 km of fiber optic cables in its national transport network.  By continuously introducing the new SDH technology, the capacity of the existing fiber optic network is multiplied.

OGERO has the vision to remain the leader of telecommunications in the Lebanese market by continuously introducing innovative and cost-effective products and services with a good quality of service.


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