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  MoT announces 50% reduction per minute local (LBP50),mobile (LBP200) and international calls (LBP300 during the day & LBP200 at night) using Telecate and Kalam.      Get your DSL now. Different speeds for different budgets.      Fastest Internet available at affordable prices: 1Mbps/4 GB at 24,000L.L; 1Mbps/10GB at 38,000 L.L; 2Mbps/20GB at 75,000 L.L; 4Mbps/25GB at 115,000 L.L; 6 to 8 Mbps/30GB at 172,000 L.L.      Free Download/Upload after midnight till 7:00 am.      Get your DSL NOW. Visit youe nearest OGERO POS or apply online.      Save money on International calls. Get your pre-paid card Kalam NOW and save 10% TVA.      Control your telephone expenses! Use Pre-paid card Kalam.       Pre-paid cards for Public Phones, TELECARTE, are available NOW.      Parental control with OGERO DSL Service available now for 2,000 LL / month only.   
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