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The telephone bills for National, International and OGERO DSL, will be issued monthly, on the 15th of every month, payment should be made within a month from issue date. In case of non payment :

  • 1- Defaulted subscribers lines will be disconnected one way "allowing incoming calls only" for two weeks, then will be disconnected completely.
  • 2- A reconnection fee of 11,000 LL will be applied.
  • 3- Defaulted subscribers lines will continue to be disconnected temporarily for an additional month ("grace period"), bills can be settled and a reconnection fee of 11,000 LL is applied.
  • 4- Defaulted subscribers lines will be cancelled indefinitely after two months from above grace period and line will have to be purchased again if available. Legal action will be taken against all defaulted subscribers.
  • 5- Defaulted subscribers will not be able to purchase new lines until all unpaid bills are settled.

    1.  phone number OR user name     
      password   LOGIN
      In order to check your bill on-line you need to have subscribed to the service and acquired a password.




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